Ukraine is at war.

It is time to win.


By donating the drones we invest
in the victory of Ukraine and the defense capabilities of Estonia.

Since 2014, the NGO Vaba Ukraina has supported Ukrainian defenders in the fight against the aggressor with medical training, equipment, and technology. We are joining forces with the "Kuri Siil" project of the NGO SAB UA, led by Ilmar Raag, to jointly deliver FPV drones produced mainly in Estonia to well-known units of the Ukrainian defense forces. In addition, MTÜ Herojam Slava helps to develop the most necessary solutions together with Ukrainian defenders and Estonian drone manufacturers.

Every euro counts. You know that.


Your donation

Your donation will go to the account of the NGO Vaba Ukraina, which will order the production of FPV drones from an Estonian company. Here on the website, we also publish the cost reports of the drone production and photos of the handover to the fighting units in Ukraine, so that you can be sure that the donation made is used in a purposeful way.


Estonian drones

The NGO Vaba Ukraina signs a contract with the drone supplier and undertakes to monitor the targeted use of the donation. The drone manufacturer documents the costs and manufactures the drones. Each drone has a name by which you can identify which drone your donation went to produce. The completed drones are delivered to Ukraine by SAB UA MTÜ and handed over directly to combat units.


Defense capability

During each subsequent handover, the NGO SAB UA receives feedback from units using drones about the operation of the drones and the destroyed opponent's equipment. This feedback is valuable for the drone manufacturer to make even better drones (also to increase Estonia's defense capability) as well as for the donor to see the real impact of his donation on the battlefield.

By donating now, you invest in a drone named


See droon läheb okupantidega võitlema Harkivi suunal.

Flight speed: 70-80 km/h
Attack speed: 110 km/h
Wind resistance: 12 m/s
Flight time: up to 30 min
Flight time at full weight: up to 10 min
Working distance: 10-15 km
Load capacity: 2 kg (X-10) / 6 kg (X-13)

The collector of donations is the NGO Vaba Ukraina, account number in COOP bank EE054204278623197319.
By paying directly to the bank account, you get the income tax discount back.

Special flying wing observation drones are often used to assist attack drones on the battlefield. We are currently collecting donations for one such wing in a separate account EE214204278623197322.

Our combat metrics

Drones are efficient. Here we collect fresh statistics, which we update regularly.

82 000+

euros in donations collected

The goal is to collect 5 million euros by April 2025. If we manage to collect more, the victory is more certain.


drones ordered from the manufacturer

The goal is to provide Ukraine with 10,000 drones within a year. A simpler attack drone costs about 400 euros, drones with additional special features cost from 700 euros. The frontline units themselves say what drones are needed.


return on your investment

Each euro invested in a drone neutralizes an average of 15 euros of enemy equipment, from tanks to helmet straps.

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Who is behind this venture?

NGO Vaba Ukraina, NGO SAB UA, NGO Herojam Slava and many well-known and unknown volunteers. We all have a common goal - the victory of Ukraine. You can see the people involved here.

What will my donation be used for?

For donations, drones are produced and delivered to Ukraine. All other costs (notification and advertising, web hosting of this page, accounting and other admin costs) are covered by the volunteers themselves. Reports on the use of donations also end up on this website and are public to everyone.

Who will make the drones?

We will find drone manufacturers among Estonian companies. There are several manufacturers of drones for different uses in Estonia - for example, Krattworks and Threod Systems. All of them can join the initiative by contacting the NGO Vaba Ukraina.

How do drones get to Ukraine?

SAB UA is a non-profit organization established in 2022 that has supplied dozens of vehicles and a large amount of equipment to Ukrainian units. With their help, drones are handed over directly to the units that use them. The SAB UA representative documents the handover and collects usage statistics from the unit and, if possible, more detailed information about what has been accomplished with the drones so far. This information reaches both the drone manufacturer and this page.

How will the drones be used?

FPV drones equipped with explosive charges are controlled by a remote control and screens or virtual reality goggles. One drone pilot can fly several dozen drones to a target per day, and the practice of Ukrainian units so far shows that it is a very effective weapon that is being used more and more.

Why are the drones so efficient?

The cost of one FPV drone is 400-500 euros. The version with a thermal camera a little more. In the hands of a skilled pilot, it can destroy an enemy T-90M tank at a cost of about 4.5 million euros. Thus, the "return" of each euro "invested" in a drone can be even 10,000 times! Unfortunately, not every drone hits, but also the combat equipment of the enemy soldier costs 1200-4000 euros based on different sources.

How can I help?

If you can, for example, make this website more effective, give a greater voice to the appeal on (social) media channels, or contribute in some other way (for example, with an unused drone or a remote control), contact or +372 53 001 777.

The NGO Vaba Ukraina has joined Good practice for fundraising.

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